[vertaling] Bugfix to e2fsprogs's nl.po

Benno Schulenberg bensberg op telfort.nl
Zo Jul 14 11:19:16 CEST 2019

Op 13-07-19 om 18:04 schreef Theodore Ts'o:
> I've noticed the following bug in the Dutch translation file for
> e2fsprogs.  I'm going to apply it as a local bug fix, but I'd
> appreciate it if you could fix it on your side, so it doesn't get
> undone when you next upload an updated translation.
> The issue is that any strings in e2fsck/problem.c have its
> %-expansion, where %b gets expanded to a block number, %i gets
> expanded to an inode number, etc., where these values are in a problem
> context data structure.  As such, there is no need to use a printf
> style positional indicator (e.g., %2$s).  Indeed, if you try to use
> something like %1$i or %2$b, the %-expansion code will just print %1$i
> or %2$b, instead of the inode or block number, respectively.

Thanks for reporting.  It's fixed now at our end too.



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