[vertaling] New: dos2unix-man-6.0.5-beta11 (96%, 3 untranslated)

Translation Project Robot robot op translationproject.org
Vr Mrt 21 21:38:38 CET 2014

Hello, members of the Dutch team.

The TP-robot is happy to announce the presence of a new PO file:


In this file 187 messages are already translated, corresponding to 96%
of the original text size in bytes; 3 messages still need some work.

No one in your team is currently assigned to textual domain 'dos2unix-
man'. If you decide to translate this package to the Dutch language,
please inform your team leader, who will inform the translation
coordinator that you were assigned to 'dos2unix-man'.

Once the translation is complete, send the result to
<robot op translationproject.org>, using the Subject line:


You can find a tarball of the package at:


Thank you for all your work,

                                The Translation Project robot, in the
                                name of your translation coordinator.
                                <coordinator op translationproject.org>

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