[vertaling] new domain klavaro

Erwin Poeze coordinator op translationproject.org
Zo Mrt 15 09:23:05 CET 2009

Dear TP translators,

We would like to announce a new domain in the Translation Project:
klavaro (http://klavaro.sourceforge.net). The domain is already
translated into 13 different languages, 11 of them are covered in the
TP. The reason for this mail is to prevent you from starting to
translate klavaro from scratch, because much work is done already.

The maintainer, Felipe Castro <fefcas op gmail.com>, will contact the
current translators of klavaro asking them to join the relevant
translation team so you might expect someone to contact your team in the
near future. If a current klavaro translator chooses not to join your
team the domain will be marked external, as usual. If nothing happens
within a reasonable time span, please feel free to translate klavaro,
possibly using the current translation.

Best regards,
Erwin Poeze <coordinator op translationproject.org>

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