[vertaling] order of author lines, retiring long-inactive translators

Benno Schulenberg coordinator at translationproject.org
Sun Jul 29 20:54:15 CEST 2007

Hello all team members,

For a long time the robot compared the Last-Translator field of a PO 
file with the first of the author lines -- the comment lines at the 
top, after the copyright lines -- and then sometimes muttered about 
them not being the same.  It doesn't do that any more.  It now 
instead compares the Last-Translator field with the _last_ of the 
author lines, and checks that these mention the same person, and if 
the names differ mutters something about the correct order for these 
lines: chronological.  At some point in the future it will reject 
PO files for which this check fails.

Something else.  Quite a few translators have not been active for 
several years now but are still listed on some of the team pages.  
In the coming week I will go through these lists and remove 
everyone who hasn't submitted a PO file in over five years.  During 
a second run next week the limit will be dropped to three years.  
Does this seem reasonable, or would you want to draw the line 
somewhere else?  (There needs to be a limit of some kind, or 
otherwise some of these team lists would grow indefinitely.)



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