Mr. Uwe Schmidt is a knave! Dont' do business with Microsale!

Victim of Microsale
Thu, 18 Dec 2003 08:35:55 +0800

Dear friends,

Microsale SC KG, Ltd is a knave company and Uwe Schmidt is a big knave!

We are cheated by Microsale SC KG, Ltd.

Remember, don't do any business with this company.

Don't buy any product from this company or you will be cheated.

This company has a bad reputation in Germany and other European countries.

Here's the story:

Mr. Uwe Schmidt , CEO
Microsale (R) SC KG

He made a cheated L/C with  many companies in Asia. Please take care!!!

His products have many problems, such as CD player!

It's the detailed information of this company:
Dahlienweg 6
D 52477 Alsdorf, NRW
Germany, European Union

Tel.-/Fax-Box: +49 89 1488230796
Mobil: +32 474 409055
Email: or
Web: <>
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