Question: help

Nashua D. Churchgoer
Sun, 07 Dec 2003 19:40:03 -0500


We find people who have PAYPAL accounts

We are russian exchanger of online MONEY. Like EGOLD, WEBMONEY.
But now we can't work with PAYPAL, because PAYPAL doesn't work with

We find people for constantly work.
We pay you 20% of amounts, which you exchange.
In week we ususally have amounts from 5000$ - 40000$ (it is max)

If you want to try to work with us.

Please install ICQ client. 
In, our ICQ number is 518597
It is best online messanger. ( We do not use MSN, YAHOO, 
AOl messangers)

Attention: We do not answer on email which you will reply,

We try to be 24 hours online, ADD US TO your contact and we will
answer you quickly.

Thank You!