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Dear Friend,

Warmest greetings in the name of GOD, the most gracious. I pray that he may =
grant you the wisdom to understand the pathetic story i am about to tell and =
the courage to offer the much needed support I solicit for in this letter.

I am a mother of two and the wife of late General YOUSSEF EL HADIDI of the =
defuct Republican Guard of ousted President Saddam Hussein . During the hay =
days of ex-president Saddam ruler ship in Iraq my late husband was head of =
secret Army's procurement unit of the Republican Guard. His position and =
responsibility  availed him with so much power and financial liquidity that =
he was able to amass substantial amount of money some of which he wisely move =
to secret custody  out side Iraq. Having foreseen the capitulation of Saddam =
Hussein government my late husband quietly moved his family (my two kids & I) =
to Europe and tried to desert the Iraqi Army to join us in Europe, but was =
caught up with by the dangerous secret security machinery of Saddam. He was =
brutally murdered on the order of Saddam himself and all our properties and =
estate including bank account was confiscated by the infamous regime. 

Ever since my kids and i have lived in penury until we uncovered through the =
help of his life -long solicitor some funds he left in safe security custody =
in London here.
It is for the purpose of entrusting and investing this huge fund with little =
or no trace to our family that i send you this proposition. The funds in =
question is $35 Million (Thirty Five Million) and is presently deposited in =
Trust Company awaiting directives from me as my late husband next of kin to =
move it.

It is true that I have never known you but I am desperately in need of =
somebody to trust, it has become a matter of expediency and total surrender =
to the will of God, the Almighty. 
If you do understand my story willing and capable of handling this =
trusteeship proposition, kindly oblige me by sending your personal and =
business profile including all contact details for us to move forward without =
delay. You can reach me directly on my fax +447092041337.

Awaiting your response,
Yours truly,
Jumai Hadidi

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